April 13, 2012

Breed-Specific BC

I'm working on a sister blog, sort of, to this one called 'Breed-Specific BC.' I originally wanted to make a website out of the idea, but unfortunately due to a lack of funds I won't be able to purchase the hosting needed for another website, and to be honest, as long as the information is there on the net I don't see why it needs it's own domain name.

I'm hoping to make it the go-to source for all information regarding BSL in the province. Whether someone is looking to move, or are just traveling, or just want to keep up with the news, etc, all the information will be there and be kept up-to-date. There will be a list and a map including all areas that have some form of BSL, or have had it/are thinking about it, and what exactly those restrictions are whether it's an all out ban or a muzzling rule. I'll also be updating it with news on the Ontario legislation, hopefully as we all know we're hoping on looking towards a retraction of the province-wide pit bull ban. But for now, I plan on only doing as much as I can handle, this means keeping the blog updates to just Ontario and news regarding BSL changes in BC. It is possible that once I get into the rythm of things I'll slowly work on expanding the website to different provinces.

I'll be posting links to the blog once completed. I'm excited to know a lot of people will find it very useful!

EDIT: I have started the blog, you can find it here at http://breedspecificbc.blogspot.ca/ If you have any information pertaining to the BSL in the province, or anything else you believe may contribute to the blog, please send me an e-mail at: damnradioman@hotmail.com

Otherwise, as I've stated before (in the 'about' section) this blog was originally intended to be used as a storing place for all my informative pit bull and BSL rants/articles I wrote geared towards educating my friends & family via facebook. However, I'm now looking at expanding this blog by including various updates on Damon (my own dog,) the rescues and shelters I work with/volunteer for, and just in general my life related to dog stuff to make this more of my personal blog.

Thanks for reading thus far, and I hope you continue!

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