April 11, 2012

B(ull) S(hit) Law

This is possible my favorite quote that truly sums up the political reality of just what breed-specific legislation really is:

"Just because a dog of a particular breed, or a particular breed type, is viscous does not mean that any other members if that same breed will act in the same manner. Certainly "shotgun"-approach legislation violates more than the rights of a dog; such broad-brush prohibitions run counter to the foundations of freedom on which the United States was founded. We are indeed a country of laws, but we are not automatically a country of lawbreakers. Dogs that have been caught in the gill net legislative approach that does away with entire breeds of dogs and not with specific wrongdoers is not in keeping with individual rights. All citizens of conscience deplore dog bites and dog attacks on children and other innocent individuals. To automatically ban all dogs because of the actions of a few or even only one dog smacks of something that deeply threatens the foundations of our freedoms. The guarantee of due Constitutional safeguards were designed to prevent an erosion of individual rights while protecting the general public."

-Joe Stahlkuppe, The American Pit Bull Terrier Handbook

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