May 13, 2012

Pit bulls at the beach

We had a nice day down at White Rock beach yesterday (and by that I really mean I haven't slept yet even though it's passed midnight and now officially is another day.) I was ecstatic to have found both my camera battery (lost for a few days) and my camera battery charger (lost for a few months) the night before, so I could get some nice photos of Damon.

As it turns out, by following all the tips from others who know the area best, we pretty much ended up avoiding the actual beaches of White Rock, and stayed down east where the reservation land begins. Not only is this where folks who bring their pit bulls go to avoid the risk of not having a muzzle on, but it seems everyone not only brought their dog there, they let them run rampant for an entire stretch of sand and no one at all seemed to mind. So we joined in on the fun at what would seem like a giant sandy off-leash park. Here are some shots from earlier in the day:

Here he was 'talking' when the photo was taken. He does a lot of this 'talking' (a.k.a. howling and making funny grumbling sounds,) when he wants something, like for us to throw a stick.

We had some doggy visitors, mainly the bigger dogs that weren't intimidated by the bounding pit bull (there were lots of little dogs running around,) and one small puppy something who obviously missed the 'small dogs beware of pit bulls' memo (or was maybe too young to read it.)

Here are some shots I really wanted to get; those classic doggy action on the beach shots. I really like this one...

I call this one the dolphin shot...

Not on our best jumping game today. We tried a variety of funky different camera angles to make one of these shots look good, but it would seem they never worked out; some even landing poor Julia here flat on her arse! (When we were both directly bulldozed by the flying dog.)

Here was when we did venture on to the market-like strip that is the eastern beach-front part of Marine Drive. Hot dogs and ice cream are a tradition, along with sitting to eat in a nice little shady sitting area just around the corner.

Waiting for our number to be called...

We did get asked, only once what breed he was. I had told everybody in the group before we went onto the strip that he was a Viszla X Labrador X Cattle dog. When I was asked I just blurted out that he was a mix. They went on to ask if I didn't know because he was a rescue and I said yes and knew we were in the clear. Think he could pass for a Viszla X Labrador X Cattle dog?

Some more...

Another White Rock tradition; constructing a sand pile big enough to sit on to see how long you last on it while the tide comes in around you. We arrived there around 1:00 pm and waited around until about 9:30 pm after dark when the tide finally hit ours.

Here's Damon, guarding the finished platform surrounded by a moat while we waited for the tide to hit. The light from my camera flash is being reflected off a strip on Damon's jacket.

Only 3 of us took on the challenge and we managed to stay on the slowly shrinking and breaking down platform until the water completely overtook it, and it was a mid-calf to knee deep walk back to shore.

Overall it was a good day and I would do it another weekend in a heart beat. Damon probably had the most fun of all!


  1. Amazing shots Miranda:) Looks like a wonderful day, and I think Damon would make a great frisbee dog. Look at the air he gets!

    1. Thanks Karen! In my wildest dreams, we could do agility, weight pull and flyball, though frisbee sounds fun too I never would have even thought of that. (P.S. I figured out how to disable the word verification; I didn't even realize it was showing up since it doesn't for me! It is a PITA, they get worse and worse each day too it seems.)

    2. I think he'll do great at agility, you're off to a good start!

  2. PS I'd just say he was a lab mix that you got from a rescue:) Because he looks like what a Pit Bull is supposed to look like, and not the stocky, massive headed monsters that Joe Public thinks they all are, you could probably get away with it.

    Oh yeah, you could take the word verification off your blog, because it's a PITA when you want to leave a comment:) Blogger filters almost all of the spam out. I get a few emailed to me, but rarely does anything appear on the blog.
    Case in point...I couldn't quite tell what the letters were on one of the words in my first attempt to post this, so got it wrong, so now have to type a couple of different words. Grrr