May 04, 2012

Just a thought

Just watched about half of the documentary 'Food Inc.' on Netflix, only about half because I'll be going to bed (but will watch the rest later.) It's just another fine example of the way the world is being run by the people we depend on without even understanding why we do (I highly recommend watching it.)

It's become alright for people not to know. They would rather just not know. A sad truth or a happy lie. But for those of you who would choose the latter, look beyond the adjective. There is only truth. Albeit trusting so little people in this world and as always myself first and foremost, I can't understand why most people would rather waste time trying to convince me that at one point of another you have to trust someone somewhere, than to want to listen to what someone else has to say. Worse, they would rather argue closed-minded than to find out information for themselves. What is this human weakness? Dig deep enough and you will find some truth or another in plain sight laid before you; will you still try to deny it then?

My favorite example; who do you trust to know the best for your pet? A veterinarian?


Where did they learn their information? Do you know? Where did the person/s responsible to pass on that information learn it? Down the line; did you know that most university pet nutrition courses are taught by representatives for pet food companies?

Now... apply this way of thinking to everything you've ever been taught or told... who have you trusted in the past to teach you, and where did they learn it from..? Who do you depend on to teach your children..? Yes, unless you dig deeply enough yourself, eventually you will depend on the knowledge-- true or false-- of someone, or something else. But... instead of hiding the guilt of ignorance behind defending against the facts, scrutinize what you think you know and it may just surprise you where that information came from in the first place...

There is a difference people turn a blind eye to between someone who knows the truth, and someone who believes what they know is the truth.

The former, may not even be me.

Trust wisely, be self-aware and do not assume anything until you've taken into consideration everything and then trust yourself first. If you must settle for not knowing, at least consider this proposition; "If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.”

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