March 17, 2012

Early morning rant

The effects of Damon's raw diet of about 3 full months have started to really come to light. His fur feels almost like velvet. His eyes get hardly any build up in them now. I haven't once had to clean his ears as they always seem to be clean. He's put on at least a good couple of pounds in muscle since we brought him home from no doubt losing a lot while confined to the shelter, and he looks really filled out. And maybe most importantly, Pippin has brought home at lest 4 ticks in the last couple of months and besides the occasional check I haven't had to worry as I stick my nose up and parade around the house chanting 'put the dog on raw!'

What exactly is it with the ignorance people have that don't allow them to understand the fact that parasites are less inclined to go after a healthy host? A surprising number of people ridicule this. Not only this but other topics whether relevant or irrelevant to parasites on the feeding of a raw diet to your pet. What is up people? What arse do you pull your false information from? Explain this to me before you argue that my resources are unreliable when you have none because you haven't bothered to do the research yourself. When you do, I'll be more than happy to listen to and maybe even learn from your argument.

But whilst on that note the next time someone tells me that all online resources are 'fake' I'm going to slap them. Wake up to the 21st century, everyone, you're on one right now! This is a terrible excuse for not having any resources of your own. If you go and make me find a hard copy of the same damn information that very well could have gone through just as self-published a process as any false information on the net, I'm going to use it to whack every one of you on the head.

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