March 17, 2012

Pet 'experts?'

I just tried to go through the entire Animal Planet's pit bull video and make a list of the false information and correct it to post it here. I couldn't get passed the first 1:20. Makes me terribly angry, and to correct it all I would have to write a book; a book of all the information I know on the pit bull breed, their history, etc. I never got any reply back to my letter I sent them a year ago, explaining my sadness and anger at seeing such a widely popular and trusted source of information regarding animals could pass on such horridly false information. I couldn't correct it all then, either. Until I do decide to write down all my knowledge on the matter and put it somewhere easily accessible on the net, don't watch this video. It really does the breed bad with all it's false information and slander.
EDIT: I did manage to get through the entire video! See my full review here:

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