March 17, 2012

Pit bull enlightenment

NOT FOR THE WEAK AT HEART or if there are any sheltered children in the room. And by weak of heart I mean weak of mind and soul with the unwillingness to educate yourselves on the more serious problems regarding humanity and the world. These are my two favorite pit bull videos on YouTube. What calls for the warning is that both videos show snapshots of abused dogs, and it is not pretty. I've asked many people before to watch these videos, but at this mention, they refuse. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. But it is ignorance, and I have no respect for the unwillingness to learn about the reality of the world we live on, regardless of whether or not they choose to do something about it. These videos are MY reality, the thing in this world I choose to be most passionate about. These dogs are what I fight for every day, through education and advocacy, and I hope to in the future be able to do more. I'm not asking you to hop on my bandwagon, or even care at all (as long as you're not part of the problem,) but please watch these videos, and enlighten yourself if only a little bit. I say 'a bit' because still both the horrors, and the triumphs of this great breed go far beyond what you will see. Less than 10 minutes of your time for these 2 videos, and if you want to learn more, another link to a slideshow style presentation with more statistical information on pit bulls is at the bottom (no graphic photos here; why not teach the kids something for a day?:)

The original 'pit bull problem' video (the most graphic, addressing the biggest problem regarding pit bull abuse. The second one is more about pit bull pride:)
The great American Pit Bull Terrier (this one is my favorite, mainly pit bull pride here, but still there is an 'abuse' angle here. Can't really have a meaningful pit bull video without addressing the situation, as it is such a huge part of the problem. Graphic lyrics in this song here too for the kiddies, but keep it up I like how the chorus is meant to describe the breed:)
Here is the presentation with more information on the breed. I really enjoyed this, and if you want to see no graphic abuse pictures at all, but would still like to learn, this will keep you busy for a good 10 minutes. This is a good source for quick and interesting facts on pit bull. Such as the Animal Planet video on pit bulls should be, but unfortunately is not and instead riddled with a load of false information:)

And just for fun, if you're really daft on the subject, you may not know the difference between what is describe as a 'hippo' in this video and a true pit bull. Think those blue XXL bully max or whatever crap are true pit bulls? Think again! (Must watch entire video to understand it's meaning:)
It's made to have you snorting and giggling especially with the song playing in the background, but really what's even more sad than the fact there are people out there who would claim these dog are pit bull terriers, is the sorry state that human monsters have bred these poor crippled dogs into. I've only met one of these super low, XXL or whatever you want to call them dogs, the owner claiming it was of course a 'pit bull.' His name was 'Chaos,' he sported an ugly and uncomfortable looking spiked harness, and he was the shyest most timid & scared dog I've met who was over 100 lbs. I had to go cry about him after work that day-- beaten to be tough by his ugly, trying-too-hard-to-be-gangster type owner, no doubt.
Same end different means information on 'blue' or whale-pit bulls here:

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